Sarah Bentley Play Therapy®

We are a ‘not for profit’ independent business offering all our clients and their families a five star, bespoke therapeutic intervention service.
We welcome clients who are referred from:

  • Private families
  • Schools across North Wiltshire and beyond
  • The social care team at Wiltshire Council and other local authorities too
  • The Adoption Support Fund

A session is 40-45 minutes per week in term time, on the same day and time to ensure consistency. Every child is an individual and has had individual experiences and so starting therapy at the right time is imperative to the success of the intervention. It is vital too that therapy ends when the client is ready, we never know the exact length of intervention, as we don’t know what will be processed, as each child is so different. Progress is regularly assessed with parents and professionals alike.

In June 2022 I was invited to represent Play Therapy UK, at the All Party Parliamentary Group for a Fit & Healthy Childhood- Workforce Issues at the Houses on Parliament- this is my speech. I hope I did all our families and the profession proud – I only had 7 minutes!

“ For children to ‘play out’ their experiences and feelings is the most natural dynamic and self-healing process in which children can engage ” – Landreth (1991)