Services Offered


Play Therapy

Sessions for children, young people, and adults too.

Their Views Matter

‘Empowering Parents to Promote Self Esteem in their Children’

These sessions are tailor made to each family and are usually 6 weekly sessions, however, more can be added as needed. These sessions are with the parents or carers only, as self-esteem is the basis of our very being and so supporting parents to promote self-esteem, has already proven to be incredibly helpful to the child too.

Stand Alone Supportive Parent Sessions

For parents hoping to increase their parenting knowledge. Topics may include:

  • Encouraging Better Sleep
  • Children Who Have Two Homes
  • Children whose Parent May Have to Go away
  • Transitions between schools
  • Moving to A New House
  • Bereavement
  • Managing Meltdowns

Therapeutic Stories

Stories specifically written for a child to help them with their healing process. Examples are Harry Hawk Boy which supports nightmares and Sammy the Snail is for children in care.

Other Projects

  • During 2021 I’ve been working with BBC Radio Wiltshire, supporting their Happy Heads campaign, by offering 12 weekly Self-Esteem tips to support parents, carers and anyone involved with young people.
  • I’m launching a new podcast towards the end of July called Cherish Your Child.
  • I speak at confrences and have run workshops too.